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White Christmas

There VND Then wishes you a merry merry Christmas with the festive “White Christmas” weeks. Starting from December 9th until December 25th, 2019, expect to see in-store decorations, along with special activities, cross-promotion, and seasonal extras only available in this period for our three departments: Store, Barbershop, and Blackyard.

There are two things must-have on Christmas: gifts and cookies. Luckily, you can find them both at our Store. Free cookies for any customer visiting and shopping with us, along with the season's specialty: Mystery Hypebag, releasing at the price of 1.000.000VND; 3.000.000VND; and 5.000.000VND. Unpacking the bag which contains multiple unknown hype items is a way to reminisce about the excitement when we first opened a gift on the morning of Christmas Eve. Also, we have a special program for in-store customers - free gift wrapping just in case you want to give your loved one a surprise gift.

Joining the celebration is our Barbershop bringing to you the very first cross-promotion with the Store. Apply for every receipt over 2.000.000VND, the customer will receive one voucher to use any service at the Barbershop completely for free. The point is to give you a fresh look from top-to-toe with the new outfit and a dope haircut.

Last but not least, our dessert bar Blackyard will introduce two exclusive new seasonal desserts - the White Ginger Froyo and White Ginger Shake. Dress in white, the products are made from original recipes with a twist in flavor while sharing the idea of the theme White Christmas. Want to know how Christmas tastes like? Visit Blackyard and try these now.



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