R H U D E’s “Seven Falls” collection reimagines the wild wild West era

R H U D E’s “Seven Falls” collection reimagines the wild wild West era

A tribute to Oklahoma’s most iconic


R H U D E has been on the street ever since 2012 when Kendrick Lamar spotted rocking the Bandana t-shirt made by Rhuigi Villaseñor. But it was not until two years ago when the Los Angeles-based label started to grow matured in its streetwear designs, and now things are paying off. For their first time debuting at the Paris Fashion Week, R H U D E introduced their latest collection dubbed as “Seven Falls,” taking the inspiration from the wild wild West. Beside highlighted pieces on the runway, the set also comprised of multiple casual and street-ready items such as t-shirts, button-ups, hoodies, and shorts.

Paying homage to the cowboy era, the majority of the collection are pre-distressed t-shirts features printed graphics of iconic symbols from Oklahoma such as wild wolf & horse, cactus, cowboy, and desert cobra. Cracked effects help to add bold and aged aesthetics for each item. Other notable designs are the two short-sleeve button-ups with old-school all-over prints. Only three options for shorts are available, but the camo cargo shorts stand out from the crowd.

“Seven Falls” collection by R H U D E is now available at There VND Then.