The missing piece in your closet: Long-sleeve tees

The missing piece in your closet: Long-sleeve tees

Time for a (few) tricks up its sleeve


While you might think it’s not necessary to have one or two long-sleeve tees in your closet. Well, you just passed on a fundamental element of a nice and comfy outfit. It’s undeniable that basic t-shirts are great, but there will be days that you need something lighter than a jacket, yet able to cover your arms from being sunburnt, that’s when you know you need a long-sleeve tee. Not only made for protection purposes, but the long-sleeve tee also plays a fun part in enhancing your look. You can either roll up the sleeves for a casual appearance or bring on your layering game with another button-up shirt. Not to mention the diverse range of graphics-printed, colorful patterns, and extra details that can be spotted on these long-sleeve tees.

If you haven’t had one long-sleeve tee in your closet, consider getting one (or more) from our list of the best long-sleeve tees that are available down below. If you already had a few, you can refresh your daily rotation by shopping for some more.

Heron Preston

“Heron Painting” Long-sleeve tee


“Glitter” Long-sleeve tee

ADER error

“T-914” Long-sleeve tee


“ID” Long-sleeve tee

Heliot Emil

“Zip Vest” Long-sleeve tee

Some Ware

“New Body” Long-sleeve tee

Alexander Wang

“Puff” Long-sleeve tee


“Award” Long-sleeve tee


“Apollean” Long-sleeve tee


“Mix” Long-sleeve tee