Shape your style: The Minimalist

Shape your style: The Minimalist

Simplicity is the key element


Style shaping is something that almost everyone will do, or might have done it, with or without knowing. And apparently, the term “We are what we wear,” is correct in this context. Through times and times, the way we put things together will be affected by our surrounding factors, leading to a result of a chaotic overall look. With that being said, it is necessary to shape your style every once in a while!

First on our list is the Minimalist. As you can guess by the name, the Minimalist is all about simplicity. People who are into minimalism prefer their fits neat, clean, and comfy enough for daily activities, which explained why they don’t need too many details and colors on their garments. Although Black & White is the go-to combo for many Minimalists, yet it is possible to add light contrast with other neutral colors, including the Navy, Grey, and Brown.

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