It’s time to change the preconceived idea of a man’s long hair


For somewhat reason, people usually put the two terms “Unprofessional” and “Long Hair” in the same category. There was a time when people who have long hair had fewer chances to get recruited for a job, but lately, things are loosening a bit as more companies begin to accept this. The door is left open, now is your turn to set the tone and be different with our top 5 picks for office workers who have long hair.

1. Tie it high:

The simplest way is tying your hair and turn it to a high bun, or a pony-tail. By that, you can keep your hair from covering your face while working but still have the artistic attractiveness. Representatives of this style include the notorious Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the late Karl Lagerfeld.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic with his signature low bun (image via Croatiaweek)

Passed-away legend Karl Lagerfeld is known for his white pony-tail tie (image Cover Images)

2. Comb and tuck:

With this trick, you can untie your hair without causing a mess on your head while working or communicating with the other. All you need is a comb to keep your hair down and tuck the long part on the back of the ears, that’s it. You can spot this hairstyle on the famous U.S fashion designer Rick Owens.

3. Give it a Flow:

For medium-long hair, Flow Haircut is something you need to try once. Being seen on actors and artists like Bradley Cooper or Kit Harington, this hairstyle will never go wrong with the classy, swashbuckler look. You can also choose to let it flow naturally, or combine with other hair products.

Bradley Cooperdonning the classy Flow hairstyle (Image via WENN)

Flow Haircut goes nicely with Kit Harington curly long hair (Image via Getty Images)

3. Layer Game is strong:

The Layer cut is by far the most comfortable haircut for people with medium-long hair. Donning by Chris Hemsworth and Keanu Reeves, this hairstyle consists of layers with different lengths. It’s also easy to take care of and doesn’t cost much time.

The Layer cut can go well with 6/4 side-part for a sharper look (image via Pinterest)

Or you can dress the Layer cut naturally like Keanu Reeves (Image via Pinterest)

5. The 50-50:

The 50-50 gives your hair a balancing look, whether you’re a young man or a grown man. This 50-50 style can work well with both smooth and curly hair.

Alexander Wang with the 50-50 (image via Vogue HongKong)

It’s been a long way for long hair to come back once again after the 80s and 90s. With the help of modern artists and celebrities, growing hair is once again the new trend. Want to try something new? Be patient for your hair to grow and visit the Barbershop to get it done (booking available right here)