The recap of YETI OUT x BAM BAM x There VND Then S/S20 Collection Pop-Up Release

The recap of YETI OUT x BAM BAM x There VND Then S/S20 Collection Pop-Up Release

A few hours before the main show


A memorable night for anyone who was at Bam Bam last Friday. With YETI OUT took over the stage, this year’s Valentine is one of the bests. But just before the beat drops and blew the roof away, Tom and Arthur along with There VND Then were here to present the latest S/S20 collection from YETI crew.

The talented twin behind YETI OUT – Tom Bray and Arthur Bray

Once a collaborator with streetwear brands like Pleasures and Places + Faces, YETI OUT got what it takes to give you the best raving t-shirt. Their collection features 3 t-shirt designs with different colors and comical printed graphics, along with these little branded pins and badges. During the release, Arthur Bray surprisingly joined the stage and started dropping beats right before the night show.

For anyone who hasn’t got a clue on who these guys are, we have a short interview for you to catch up.

Q: Can you explain Yeti Out to those who don’t know?
A: Yeti Out is a transient project that can take form as a party, pop-up gift shop, record release, art show or DJ set. The mediums are ever-changing but the spirit is the same.

Q: Who’s in Yeti Out? How big is the team?
A: It’s me, you, and our new friend in the smoking area. It grows wherever the party goes.

Q: How did this pop-up collaboration with TVT and Bam Bam come about?
A: We’ve been friends with the TVT crew for a while, and since our apparel line is carried at the store it made sense to do a physical experience highlighting the forthcoming range! Bam Bam has a great space, awesome sound system, and they do cool music bookings, so naturally it was easy to synch up on the collaboration.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind the SS20 “Dance with the Devil” collection?
A: Technology has sped up life with a swipe or a click. Harking back to the primitive forms of summer celebrations, SS20’s “Dance with the Devil” collection draws inspiration from the debauched filled nights where forest raves, dancing under the moon, and mountain adventures are facilitated by budget airlines and festival paraphernalia. It’s inspired by the trips to the unknown.

Q: Can you run us through the visual identity of the pop-up? What’s the installation about?
A: The installation explores “idolism” and looks at the iconography associated with worship. Freedom, peace and stability are what we hope for, but how much lust and vice are we willing to give up for this? “Dance with the Devil” collection uses graphics to explore our desires to let loose and be indulgent, while the pop-up installation brings us back to the idea of faith, and is a tongue-in-cheek reminder that we may still be far from what we aspire to be.

Q: What’s forthcoming in the pipeline for 2020?
A: We’re cooking up a series of exciting collaborations with TVT and Bam Bam that connect retail with club culture – stay tuned. We’re also releasing a record on our label Silk Road Sounds with Hong Kong post-punk band 南洋派對 N.Y.P.D, in addition to the releases in eyewear and footwear.