Take a look at what There VND Then got for this year's Valentine

Take a look at what There VND Then got for this year's Valentine

With Reward Card, Online Mini-challenge, and Duo Offers fully activated.


Valentine is just a few days away, and everyone can almost feel the love in the air right now. While this day could be a double-edge knife for the loners, it’s a good time for the pairs to hangout. With that being said, There VND Then has provided new offers for this February, including new arrivals, new hair service, and new desserts.


Catch the latest arrivals and seasonal collections from various newcomers like ADER Error, AMBUSH, Fuck Art, Make Tees, nana.nana, Used Future, X-Rated Tableware, Heron Preston, A-COLD-WALL*, MISBHV, NEIGHBORHOOD,… all in one place. Now available at www.therevndthen.com/store

At Barbershop, we’ve got the Duo Offers with 20% off for every couple that comes and books 2 haircuts at the same time. Later on, our new service “Express Cut” – a quick, under-45-minute hair wash, cut, and blow-dry process will also launch from Feb. 10th. Keep in mind that the service online available between 11:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m, so take your time.

Romanticize this year Valentine Day, Blackyard joins the party with their 2 seasonal desserts – The “Rosie Love” Froyo and Layered Lemonade. Interpreting the tastes of mixed emotions in love, the fantastic sweet-and-sour flavor of the fresh lychee and Bulgarian rose oil in Rosie Love will win the heart of every dessert-lover.

Additionally, there’s a “Puzzle Of Love” that needs solving. There will be 10 discount vouchers of 100K for the 10 lucky winners. For further details, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/therevndthenblackyard/videos/196932968171537/


Aiming to bring a better experience to all of our dear customers, There VND Then officially activates the new Reward Card made for Blackyard and the Barbershop.

You will receive a Reward Card in order to collect our signature stamp for exchange. For the Barbershop, one haircut gets you a stamp on the card. Collect 5 stamps to exchange for a free haircut.

The same goes for Blackyard. But this time, you’ll only get a stamp for a receipt from 75.000. Not to worry, you just need 4 stamps to exchange for any free Blackyard dessert in size M.