Founder of Palm Angels – Francesco Ragazzi. (image via HashtagLegend)

Francesco Ragazzi, after leaving the position Art Director of Moncler, “accidentally” created a great new street fashion brand called Palm Angels. In fact, Palm Angels is just the name of a personal project that originated as a photo-book in cafes with black-and-white images taken by Ragazzi himself which is mainly about the skateboarding culture in the city of Los Angeles.

Again, the leisurely pace in L.A. has inspired Ragazzi to create a new clothing line. This time, the fashion and outstanding elements of skateboarding culture are the inspirations for his designs, and Ragazzi is successful to recreate an image of the West Coast of 90s Los Angeles with retro vibes. Moreover, Ragazzi wants his products to be top-notch, and of course, his experience in fine Italian apparel makes his designs more flashy but not losing the street vibes and the spirit of skateboarding culture.

From left: Palm Angels Photobook (via Amazon) | Los Angeles signature palm trees (via Etsy).

Palm Angels officially releases its first collection in 2015 with a very unique and rare style at the time – combining the characteristics of the 70s skater and the style of dress for schoolgirl. The collection has been classified unisex and has become a highlight of Palm Angels. Years later, Palm Angels continued to release many more collections, notably the collaboration with Playboy Carti, SUICOKE and “Recovery” with Under Armour to bring products that support fast recovery after training with a fashion-oriented image. Another factor that makes this brand popular and creates reputation among celebrities is that the company that produces and distributes Palm Angels is New Guards Group – the company operates Marcelo Burlon, OFF WHITE, Unravel Project and Heron Preston. Thanks to this, the name of Palm Angels keeps rising and connects with famous artists such as A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti or Joe Jonas.

Under Armour X Palm Angels: RECOVERY featuring the Heat-Activated Technology

Palm Angels X Playboi Carti can be spotted Playboi Carti himself and his homie A$AP Rockie (via Upscalehype)

Even Joe Jonas got himself on the Palm Angels train

The collaboration between Palm Angels and SUICOKE (via Pinterest)

It can be said that although many high-end fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Valentino, Gucci or Louis Vuitton have begun to encroach on the street fashion market, and on the surface, these few have achieved certain successes. But in fact, the spirit of “street spirit” should be derived from the street that brings the “mood” for items. This is the perspective that high-end brands do not have: unwilling to compromise with the world, that’s why streetwear items are welcomed. What is unique about Palm Angels is the point of view of an outsider who was not born in Los Angeles but spent time living and working in this city long enough to find inspiration from the smallest things in the city.

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