Distinctively There VND Then — a community of cultural fusion.

A place where you can find, develop, and enrich your own style. A bridge between oneself and the world, which helps demonstrate your character through freedom of expression — without restraints.


[ARRIVAL] brings fashion to new heights, where human visions of the future are translated through apparel. Taking fashion one step further, imagining not just clothes, but intergalactic imminence, where the parameters of our current physicality have seemingly been obliterated. The appearance of utilitarian and techwear has painted a holistic picture of post-humanism, rejecting conformity and throwing the notion of identity into complete disarray. It begs the question of human life at the present moment—fragile and vulnerable, full of environmental uncertainties—and seeks to find what will become of it in the near future.

[ARRIVAL] marks the dawning of There VND Then, where fashion becomes a form of escapism while staying in touch with reality when needed. To put it simply: fashion is as much a breakaway from societal constraints as it is a synthesis of social forces.

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