Women’s Day: A Shopping Guide

Women’s Day: A Shopping Guide

In honor of Women’s Day, the team here at There VND Then have put together a Women’s Day Shopping Guide for all of our female customers, as well as the people in their lives that love them.


International Women’s Day is every year on March 8th. The first International Women’s Day occurred in 1911, supported by over one million people. This year’s theme is #Balanceforbetter. A balanced world is a better world. This brings about the question, how can we help forge a more gender-balanced world? Answer: celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness by closing dialog against bias and take action for equality. We, at There VND Then, put this into action through fashion. Everything on our online shop is uni-sex and we have something for every type of women.

The Fit Chick

These pieces are for the girl who loves to hit the gym. Whether she is getting her squat on or lifting more than the guys, this gym bag from Yeezy can hold all of your gym necessities. Yeezy is a brand based out of Los Angeles that is creatively directed by rapper/artist Kanye West. The brand brings together luxury, minimalism and utility into one bag. With a tonal zipper closure, padded orange interior, carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap, this gym bag can go anywhere and match anything.

No girl can go to the gym without the correct pair of sneakers. Y-3 sneakers are built for everything from jumping rope to kick boxing. Y-3 is a collaboration label between Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, a Japanese designer known for his avant garde designs and striking silhouettes. His collaboration with Adidas aims to bring Yamamoto’s sartorial aesthetics to the Adidas brand by fusing high fashion with advanced sportswear. The logo Y-3 symbolizes this collaboration, with the “Y” standing for Yamamoto, the “3” represents the Adidas’ famous three stripes and the “-” symbolizing the bond between the two. The Adizero Runner in White offers a flip toe, embroidered details and flexible fabrics. In a neutral color palette these sneakers will match with all of your yoga pants. The Harigane Sneaker in White displays pops of color and a sock liner that molds to your feet. Perfect for spin class. The Kaiwa Sneaker in Yellow and in Black bring a futuristic take to a normal sneaker. Being made of leather and neoprene, these shoes can withstand all of the elements, making this style of sneaker perfect for your outdoor workouts.

The Nerd

Who said girls can’t like comics? Fame Master extends its hand to superhero comic fans. Since founded in 1997, Fame Master has been specializing in designing, manufacturing and exporting plastic toys of high quality and innovation worldwide. Over 5 million pieces of figurine toys and wind-up toys have been sold through various channels spreading all over the world. These collectible 4D action figures portray some of the most well known heroes, villains and sidekicks in the DC Comics world. Now these are not your basic action figures. The character is literally sliced in half so you can see their insides. The XXRAY Catwoman and the XXRAY Robin are a part of the Skeleton Collection and stand a height of 6 inches or 15 centimeters. While 4D XXRAY Batman and 4D XXRAY Joker are a part of the Anatomy Collection and stand a height of 10 inches or 24 centimeters. But what is a collectible without the whole set?!

The Lady That Means Business

Daily Paper has made it super easy to look fly at the office. These pieces are a take on traditional workwear silhouettes with a streetwear twist. Daily Paper as a brand has expanded from simple graphic branded apparel to fine tailored garments. The Dune Plaid Suit Jacket provides an oversized idea of a suit jacket. With an exaggerated lapel and track suit style taping down the arms, this jacket is sporty and fresh. Pair it with the Plaid Track Pants and you will undeniably be the coolest in the office. These pants have a relaxed fit, matching track pant style taping down the legs and a rip-away feature. This set combines sport and business in a new way that we have not seen before.

Match it with a pair of Detroit Runners to bring an extra element of surprise to your work day outfit. This sneakers adheres a silver-tone metallic mid-sole structure. This takes an otherwise normal shoe to the next level. With a focus on endless innovation, Adidas continues to inspire consumers to harness the power of sport. Deeply rooted in the company ethos is the concept of “creating the new” and through collaborations, such as Raf Simons, the label continues to reach new audiences across fashion, lifestyle & sports. Adidas by Raf Simons is a joint venture between Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons and Adidas. The line is the perfect mix of high-end fashion and sportswear.

Best thing about this set is that you can wear it from day to night easily. Switch out the Detroit Runners for your favorite heels, put on some lipstick and say peace out to the work day and enjoy the night.

The Girl Who Sees The World Through Rose Colored Lenses

Do you love romantic comedies? Have you been planning your wedding since you were three years old? Do you believe in love at first sight? If yes, then most would consider you a romantic. Gentle Monster has supplied you with the perfect rose colored glasses to help keep your positive and loved state of mind. Gentle Monster is a South Korean luxury eyewear brand with a growing reputation for combining experimental design with high functionality. The frames are made by German manufacturer Zeiss, which also makes lenses for camera companies and NASA. Gentle Monster sunglasses are striking, but the whole idea of the company is intriguing: a brand that’s trying to decorate your face as well as mess with your mind.

The Amiadam Sunglasses use the classic “cat eye” style in a new and modern way with a pink stainless steel frame and and extended lenses. The Jumping Jack Sunglasses use the classic “aviator” style as inspiration to create a pair with cut open framing. The Leo Sunglasses also play on a classic “aviator” style framing the eyes with an extra defined lens rim.

This oversized Dystom Leather Bag by MISBHV makes a statement. With it’s bold contrasting text, you will be sure turn heads. It is made out of 100% organic leather, features strong carry handles and a tonal chunky zipper. Bringing streetwear to the streets of Poland, Natalie and Kate created their brand MISBHV. Infusing their passion for design and advertising, the pair strive to build a project that will evoke their original roots and expand beyond the borders of their home country. MISBHV is more than a label, it’s a lifestyle that promotes self-confidence, individuality and independence. They’ve risen from the streets of Warsaw to international acclaim and respect, all while maintaining their East Bloc edge and Post-Soviet cool.

The Girl Who Raids Her Boyfriend’s Closet

We have all been there. You wake up, go to your closet and look to put together the perfect fit, but of course you have nothing to wear. So naturally, you put on your boyfriend’s sweatshirt that he left at your house three weeks ago and now he’s never getting back. Oversized, comfy and stylish… what more could a girl ask for?

The Logo Crew Neck by Mauna Kea is a perfect substitute for your boyfriend’s favorite sweatshirt. With a dark tie dye pattern and minimal branding, it has a laid back naturally cool feel. Mauna Kea was born on the idea of a young Italian surfer in 1988. Named after a dormant Hawaiian volcano eternally topped with snow and positioned upstream from the sea. The brand continues to reach for the perfect blend of sportswear and trend-based products. Mauna Kea have manipulated technical fabrics with natural fibers, 3D prints, and vibrant colors. The brand reinterprets the world of surfing in a new and hi-tech way.

Stampd is a west coast “avant-street” lifestyle brand representing contemporary luxury that has evolved past high streetwear while retaining its iconic styles, such as denim jeans. These Vintage Blue Denim Pants have your boyfriend’s name written all over them, so instinctively yours as well. Easy to match, destroyed and homey. These pants bring about an essence of ease.

Correlate this outfit with the Danner Boots from Mastermind World. The brand is higher-end mixing quality with its signature skull and bones logo. Each piece is made in Japan and proudly displays its tags, along with a list of names of people who helped create the piece of clothing. Mastermind celebrates love and peace and is a luxurious casual collection. Japanese materials, traditional skills and high technology are offered to the world in the form of real clothing. The brand shares little about itself to the world. Keeping a low profile has helped to push the prices by creating mystery behind the label along with allowing the designs to speak for themselves. Mastermind is best described as a punk inspired label, or in other words alternative. And we can’t describe these boots any better. These are your boyfriend’s favorite boots so let him know you need a matching pair!

Let’s build a gender-balanced world. The future is exciting. We may be continuing with something that may seems small, clothing, but the way that the clothing makes women feel and the options they have to feel this way are a reflection of how women all over the want the world to perceive them. From grassroots activism to worldwide action, we are entering an exciting period of history where the world expects balance. We notice its absence and celebrate its presence. Overall, balance drives a better world. Let’s all help create a #BalanceforBetter.