We are There VND Then and #ThisIsSaigon

We are There VND Then and #ThisIsSaigon

And so it begins…


Ho Chi Minh City is at the verge of major breakthrough. This is already happening hidden away from mainstream eyes and ears, its light-speed development into a mega-city is unparalleled and comes close to only Singapore in the 1990s. Slowly becoming Asia’s next mega city, it enables its next generation to dream big.

We knew it was our responsibility to create something in our homeland and bridge the gap between a very local young generation and the global happenings around it.

The idea of opening up a concept store was secondary – what truly kicked off this project was the drive to unite friendship, culture and heritage. Building a space to come together and being part of this fast-evolving place in South-East Asia was the initial vision behind this brand.

Our idea was to create a culture in itself, to educate and to make There VND Then a holistic experience as more than just a brand – as an enabler.

We are excited to open up this online store and open a multi-level concept store in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City in spring 2019.

After two years of dedication, passion and a lot of hard work, we are ready for you. We are ready to show the world what Vietnam has to offer.

We are ready to start this new chapter in this vibrant country – we are There VND Then.