Bread && Butter Berlin 2018

Bread && Butter Berlin 2018

A curated convention and festival where brands from all over the globe


The Bread && Butter Berlin evolved from a classic fashion trade show for professionals to a curated convention and festival for consumers where brands from all over the globe showcase themselves, bringing together pop culture, music, art, food, style, sports, innovation, activism, and education. We went all the way to Berlin, Germany to experience this festival like an exhibition that reflects and shapes today’s culture.

This short trip to Berlin was more than entertaining, offering a lot of surprises. The event initiated by the German online retailer Zalando seized opportunities of the analog brand experience, that strengthen the youth culture community. Mercedes for instance invited to discuss hot topics around future lifestyle trends, music or feminism.

More than 40 streetwear brands presented pre-launches, ‘see now, buy now’ concepts, talks, concerts or interactive experiences like customizing-workshops. It was a great chance for the There VND Then team to network with the community, capture inspiration and reflect on tomorrow’s trends.

See some of our impressions below.

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