A never-ending love story: the black tee

A never-ending love story: the black tee

Understatement with a message.


#allblackeverything – the all-black trend became indispensable to the worldwide fashion community. If you are dressed head to toe black on black, you will spread a certain vibe. Today the color black has a deeper meaning: it stands for strength, sophistication, prestige, sexiness, and elegance, and can be worn to any occasion following the motto “when in doubt, wear black”.

Black t-shirts are an essential piece in streetwear. They come print-free with an optimal cut or printed with individual graphics and can be combined with various looks. Unlike white Ts, black Ts are sturdy and can either be worn in a clean understatement outfit or as an appealing statement piece.

Streetwear brands such as GCDS, Misbhv and Thrasher always include black T’s in their collections. Therefore, we pay an homage to the black T by presenting our There VND Then product highlights to you:

The Italian brand GCDS stands for ‘God Can’t Destroy Streetwear’ and offers anyone wearing it a statement in itself, as seen on topmodel Bella Hadid or rapper Lil Yachty. The ‘Sleeping Tee Black’ gives a gentle reminder to one’s childhood, picking up the fairytale of  Sleeping Beauty. A wearable contrast that goes along with contemporary streetwear with its diverse appeal.

Now that’s a lit print! MISBV’s ‘Flame Tee Washed Black’ shows a realistic drawing of a tightened hand in flames. There VND Then is impressed by the Japanese brand’s aesthetics due to its artistic, imaginative prints, statement colors and high-quality materials. We feel this shirt with a hyper-realistic print setting our little hearts for streetwear on fire.

Last but not least, we pay attention to the ‘Flame Tee Black’ by skate label Thrasher, originated from the equally named world’s leading skateboard magazine. The streetwear brand is famous for tees, hoodies and buttoned shirts with their signature logo, the magazine title branding on fire. Thrasher is well-known in the industry and collaborated with significant skate and streetwear brands such as Vans or HUF recently. The highlight tee shows the infamous branding typo, a graphic that is kind of symbolic for the active, loud lifestyle of the brand’s supporters and of course the hotness of Thrasher’s designs.

Find more inspiration in the gallery below:

GCDS / MISBHV / Thrasher / ALYX STUDIO / Chinatown Market / Pleasures