Sneaker Fest Impact Con 2018

Sneaker Fest Impact Con 2018

There VND Then showcased a fine selection of brands like Yeezy, C2H4, Filling Pieces, MSBHV…


Since streetwear and sneaker culture is deeply rooted in our range of products and manifested in form of our DNA, it was important for us to connect with Ho Chi Minh City’s culture at the Sneaker Fest Impact Con 2018.

Our booth showcased our store with a fine selection of brands such as Yeezy, C2H4, Filling Pieces, MSBHV etc., our barbershop with Jayy Spice – the master himself (who cut 20 people that day) and a printing station where you were able to print your very own custom There VND Then tote bag.

Unique shopping experiences like these will also be integrated into our concept store, opening in spring 2019. There VND Then will have it all-in-one for you.

For now, we say thanks to everyone who came to visit us at our booth. We were more than overwhelmed by the feedback we received from each one of you. And it was an honor to be part of this one of a kind event in Ho Chi Minh City, where sneakerheads and high-end street fashion fans come together to share their visions.

We are more than proud to see that the culture is locally growing and we are ready to put Vietnam on the map.
Stay tuned… we will open soon!